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MM LineageOS 13


Do you use still my LineageOS13 rom?

Please take a look for my poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/17229974


Android-Version: LineageOS 13.0 R81

Build-Version: Build V01 on date 2019-02-11 (EOL)

Kernel Version: 3.18.19


– Based on Marshmallow with LineageOS 13.0

– security patch level 2019-01-01

– MiraVision (Settings -> Display -> MiraVision)

– complete stable and secure rom

How to install the ROM

You have to use my Unoffical TWRP 3.2.3-0 (3.18.19) Recovery to flash your device later. The file in the attachment is zipped and valid for the TWRP Recovery (don’t extract the rom zip!). Please backup NVRAM and IMEI with TWRP BEFORE flash! If you lose your MAC / IMEI after flash, you can restore it in 2 seconds!

First time installing the ROM

Boot into TWRP -> delete Dalvik, Cache, System and Data -> Install the ROM ZIP -> Install GAPPS -> Restart your phone -> thats it!

Upgrade from earlier version

Boot into TWRP -> delete Dalvik, Cache, System -> Install the ROM ZIP -> Install GAPPS -> Restart your phone -> thats it!

Update to newer version with patch

Boot into TWRP -> Install Patch ZIP -> delete Dalvik, Cache -> Restart your phone -> thats it!

Bugs and how you can fix it

– should be fine


Whats works?

– everything

what doesn’t work?

– none

Is the ROM rooted?

No. You can install Magisk or SuperSu with TWRP

What about other languages?

You can choose your language as usual after first boot with the asisstent

Are the Google Play Service already installed in this ROM?

No. You have to install newest open pico gapps (ARM -> Android 6.0 -> Pico)

We’ll get soon MIUI, IOS or Samsung TouchWiz as ROM?

No, No and No. All three ROMs exits but they are so buggy.

I dont will publish these ROMs. They are not ready as daily driver.

What is the different between source and optimized in changelog version?

source: build the custom rom directly new from source code

optimized: only changed some files / fixed bugs from latest rom

Thanks for your donation if you want to support my work (always latest patches for Echo)


Changelog SelectShow>
V02 (2019-02-11) (source)

– latest LineageOS 13 patches are included

– updated to 2019-01-01 security patch level

V01 (2019-01-02) (source)

– first release

Open Spoiler-tag to see the changelogs

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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